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Smart City Luxembourg

Luxembourg City goes smart

The city of Luxembourg, as a national and European capital city, is a multicultural city. Diversity is its main feature: more than 190 nationalities are counted amongst 80.000 inhabitants and it employs daily more than 70.000 cross-border workers. But it is also a historical city with ancient and modern architectural styles and a cultural city whose artistic facilities are dynamic and varied. Its economic dynamism makes it one of the most attractive financial centers in Europe! The city is a regional development center and works very closely with its Belgian, French and German neighbours. This specific situation has contributed to the decision that Luxembourg City goes smart.

The e-municipality

The program created in 2002 was to build new intelligent, integrated and mobile services for citizens. The innovative web based mobile proximity services have been launched for a smart economy, smart people, smart governance, smart mobility, smart environments and smart living. In 2012 the City of Luxembourg offered the following free services for the citizens:

  • Live Streaming
Since December 2012 the City of Luxembourg is offering live streaming of the municipal council on their website. Everybody can follow the discussion of the municipal council live or watch it later from the archives.
  • Report-IT
Report-It is an reporting portal for problems within the City of Luxembourg. You can report problems like potholes, broken streetlights, graffiti and so on. The information will be sent to the public service department in charge and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Web based Document Tracking
The document tracking is an easy web based way for all urban construction demands and helps citizens to find out if their demand is already on the way or still pending.
  • The exclusive product offered by the City of Luxembourg: the telepresence room
The City of Luxembourg is the first municipality in Europe offering a telepresence room for their citizens, business men or politicians. The new telepresence room is located in the Cercle Cite in the heart of the city. It gives every participant the impression to be in the same room, which will enable many organizations to control their costs, to take decisions faster, to deepen the trust relationship with their clients and to fasten the commercialization of their products.

Soon coming in 2013

  • Augmented Reality App
  • QR code on bus stations
  • E-pay for bus tickets

A private public partnership with HOTCITY society between the City of Luxembourg and P&T Luxembourg


Private partnership management

Internet access and free services

Innovative web based mobile proximity services for free

Lots of banks, consulting companies, insurance companies and other service companies are attracted by the City of Luxembourg. In order to stay still attractive, the City of Luxembourg has invested in the largest WiFi Network in Luxembourg and created the company HOTCITY S.A, which was launched in 2007. Ever since the project has been developed further and the network has been extended to other Luxembourgish cities and communes.

The Internet provider

* Outdoor network

The HOTCITY outdoor WiFi network is available in the City of Luxembourg, in the City of Esch-sur-Alzette and in the Commune of Strassen.

* Indoor network

The HOTCITY indoor WiFi network is available at the airport of Luxembourg, as well as in selected hotels and campings in Luxembourg.

Provider of free services

The portal can be accessed for free by any user which is connected to the HOTCITY network. The HOTCITY portal offers a large amount of services and useful information for free, like for example the national and international news, the cultural agenda and the nightlife agenda, streaming, report-it, augmented reality, tracking, etc. as described below:


We recommend you to download for free the app HOTCITY where you can find all the necessary information about Luxembourg City as:

1. Mobility: bus lines in real time, the closest bus stations, bicycle rent, free slots of the parking houses, info about constructions, traffic info.

2. Find-it: Restaurants, hotels, etc.

3. Visit-it: City walking (Vauban 120 min / Wenzel 100 min / short walking 30 min)

4. Scan-it: Free scanner

5. Nightlife Events in the city

6. SMS4TICKET: To buy a bus ticket

7. Agenda: Cultural agenda in the city

8. Stream-it: Live video of the council meeting from the City of Luxembourg.

Free connectivity during the ICST conference in the Abbaye de Neumünster:

All participants will get a free Wifi access to HotCity for the conference days in the Abbaye de Neumünster.